Are you a biomedical engineer or related to medical fields?
You are invite you to join JBMES the umbrella on medical and biomedical industry in jordan

Membership is available at varying levels to individuals engaged in the study, education, and practice of biomedical engineering. All members earns benefits from JBMES membership.

Who can Join ?

  • Engineering degrees holders in Biomedical Engineers and all related engineering majors.
  • Non Engineering but medical degrees holders; such as but not limited to Medecine , Genetics, Nursing and Biotechnology.
  • Undergraduate students of majors mentioned above who passed successfull 75% from the curriculum credits

Memberships categories and fees

Active JD 5 JD 5
Assistant JD 5 JD 5
Supporter JD 5 JD 5
Body Corporate
(non individual)
JD 100 JD 250

All JBMES memberships are for one year and expire at the end of members' annual anniversaries.
Applications for membership and membership renewals take 1 to 2 business days to process. We recommend that you login into the JBMES Website at the end of that time frame to confirm that processing has been completed. A formal welcome letter with your membership card will be mailed to you.

 Thank you to our sponsors and supporters