Member Benefits

For leaders in biomedical engineering research and development, JBMES membership is a must! Members receive discounts on the annual meeting, access to journals of the profession, career advancement and publishing opportunities, and access to the members-only section of this website. 762166996-7249755-1355297583.gif We offer students and professionals in research and industry significant benefits for joining the premier society for the profession.

JBMES offers biomedical engineers in academia and industry:

  • career center
  • A resource for new talent for companies and universities.
  • Exposure to an expanding market through advertising and sponsorship opportunities with a fast-growing organization
  • Discounts on most services provided

JBMES offers students, graduate students, and early-career professionals:

  • Avenues for social activity and networking with undergraduates, graduates, and faculty through student chapters at all colleges and universities in Jordan.
  • Access to career professionals, job opportunities, and resources through BMES Career Connections, a members-only section of our website, and the chance to participate in Career Day at our annual meeting each fall.
  • Special awards for both undergraduate and graduate students, including the chance to contribute one JBMES posters and podium presentations.

 Thank you to our sponsors and supporters